Driver's license
Have a valid driver's license for at least 5 years and 25 years of age are required to be completed.

Rental periods
Is at least a day. Rent a car from the delivery date specified in the contract without giving an excuse for delays exceeding 24 hours on whether legal action, the charges are collected from customers

Traffic fines
Failure to observe traffic rules and penalties in case of any liability arising is the lessor. No matter what the reason, the official vehicles and local authorities are kept by the time the contract is accepted in time. May arise from traffic fines, then the customer will be charged with statutory interest.

Terms and insurance coverage
All vehicles rented from airport Tours A, B, C, D and E are classified according to the optional insurance, the insurance to be valid;

Traffic accident and alcohol report be received in the accident involved another car if you have the vehicle driver's license, registration and insurance of the copies within 48 hours of the nearest Airport Tours office to reach the car, drunk, under the influence of drugs or legal speed limits other than no- need.Otherwise the vehicle is liable for all damages.

Insurance fund, paid and fulfilling all the conditions above and accident reports were found to be excellent value for any damages shall not be.

Delivery and release
Tours leave the office and delivered to the airport is available free of charge. Go with the delivery and release in London of the distance between airport taxi fee is charged. Delivery outside of London and leave the € 200 to 500 are priced between.

Output abroad
Vehicles shall not be taken abroad.

TAX 18% will be added to all prices. The maintenance costs, including prices, petrol is excluded.

General Information
Prices in €.
Vehicles are booked a minimum of 24 hours.
All vehicles. in OGS